Premium Diamond Boiling & Services

The long-standing method of achieving gas vaporization for rough diamond cleaning is a multi-stage process. This process involves the mixture of chemicals in an autoclave, which are boiled at 250-500°C. This boiling vaporizes the acids, which expand and build up pressure within the sealed autoclave, forcing the gases into the cracks of the stones to digest the organic materials within. This process has numerous advantages; it helps to free the rough diamonds from various impurities and produces a better quality of polished diamond. It also helps to remove the blackishness caused due to sawing and increases the face value of the diamond rough in the market.


  • Rough diamond gets cleans internally and results in a better quality of polished diamond.
  • This process also helps in removing the blackishness caused due to sawing.
  • And also the face value of the diamond rough is increased in the market due to this process.


As a diamond dealer you will have to make an advised choice between our 3 boilings. Every boiling is different and applies to different demands. We boil rough and polished diamonds. With the right advise and professional boiling we can make impurities disappear !

Cleanses your diamonds softly and gently, removing the dirt around the diamond.

Deep boiling

Cleanses your diamonds deep and thoroughly, with this type of cleansing some natts disappear. It also improves the color.

Special Indian boiling

A technique specifically designed to cleanse cheap polished diamonds, the strength of the boiling is in between boiling and scientific deep boiling.






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